About Me

Stephen Holdaway

My name is Stephen Holdaway. I’m a developer from Wellington, New Zealand.

I’m predominantly a Linux and OSX nut, and I find breaking things terribly fun. PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are my usual languages, and I use Python, C and Java when it suits.

If you want to, you can email me . You can also find me on The Tweets, Github, and dumping random things in Gists.

A brief history

I can’t remember not being into computers. Knowing how to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete on Windows 95 was probably more dangerous than useful to an eight-year-old, however that made me a computer geek at the time, so I shall triumphantly claim that title.

From sometime around the year 2000, I shared a very second-hand 286 computer running DOS and later GEOS with my brothers. It had a monochrome screen and it was freaking awesome. Perhaps a year later, my first computer was a 386 that I picked up for $15 from a liquidating company. It was in an endless rebooting cycle by the end of the week though and disappeared after that, so I’m not really sure if it counts.

I started messing with 3D modelling in 2001 in a program called Caligari TrueSpace 2. In 2004 I did some programming in QBASIC on the aforementioned 286 (which was still very much alive); mostly text based games and quizzes. The statements I knew could be counted on one hand, but it was good fun. For the following four years, I idly experimented with 3D while I played the drums, recorded music, and played gigs with the band Remastered.

In 2009, I started a Bachelor of Design Innovation in (Digital) Media Design at Victoria University of Wellington. In the same year, the university course ‘Creative Coding’ made me super excited about programming, so I went home and learned some PHP, HTML and CSS over the gloriously long summer holiday that year. The following summer I worked at a Wellington web development firm, where I continued to work part-time throughout 2011. I graduated with my Bachelors degree (BDI) in May 2012 and have continued to work full-time as a web developer.

Right now

I’m working at Heyday in Wellington and it’s awesome. In my free time I’m cooking up a few applications, and spending far too much time concocting solutions to obscure math and programming problems. I’m also working towards a private pilots licence.