Alien Run - Zappty Games, iOS game

By Stephen Holdaway

2 Feb, 2012

Alien Run game - title screen Alien run gameplay

Available on the App Store

The survival of three little cute colorful aliens is in your hands. They need your help to escape earth and get back home. Delightfully simple, hours of fun. Collect stars, avoid asteroids, leave earths orbit and escape to the darkest depths of outer space.


Alien Run is a 2D, accelerometer controlled collect-all-the-things-and-don’t-die style game for iOS devices.


This was my introduction to Objective-C and my first major project using compiled languages. Working for Zappty Games, I started with the code for the partially completed game and finished it – adding new features, graphics, and game-play while getting my head around developing for iOS. The experience, though challenging at first, was very rewarding:

Alien Run ios game development

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